Equestrian Division :


For the horse aficionados we`ve created our Equestrian Division, where we

wash, reproof and repair horse rugs and other equestrian related equipment at rather competitive prices, including Dry Cleaning of all your competition,

hunting and casual riding garments.



Standard wash  -  1 for £8.00 

                              3 for £20.00


Wash & reproof - 1 for £13.00

                              3 for £35.00


                              (The prices shown above apply to all rugs)


              And don`t forget to ask for a quote for any required Repairs,

         as we are extremely well equipped, and we have an amazing team

     of in-house professionals, which obviously means that we provide this

                                   service at an amazing price too .


                 We also provide a free collection & delivery service.

                                    (minimum order required)

 Call 01536 411 906 or email info@ecospin.co.uk to book your collection now.




                    We only use Nikwax products which we can also supply.



             Ecospin is also a proud Sponsor of Rockingham Forest Riding Club.

            If you would like to become a member or find out more information

                   about this great Riding Club, please click on the link below.